shiatsu sage

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Don’t be discouraged by Tracy’s pony-tail and tattoos; he is indeed a shiatsu sage. Tracy is remarkable as both a friend and a therapist. I have been recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Seeing Tracy on a regular basis vastly improves my muscle flexibility, ability to recover and heal quickly, as well as the only treatment that is absolutely necessary to improve my general pain level and wellbeing.  I have been seeing Tracy regularly for the past six months to treat my fibromyalgia, but I have seen him on occasion for 7 years to treat migraines.  He came on the recommendation of a close friend and has since been the only therapist I have sought out to treat my chronic pain. After living in NYC for the past six years and seeing chiropractors who gave me upwards of 20 injects a week to massage therapists and acupuncturists whose effects were short lived, I am happy to be home with Tracey on speed dial. He aligns my body in such a way unlike anything else is even remotely effective. You will leave his table feeling balanced, peaceful and an internal healing.

Erica P.

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