Difference Between Shiatsu & Swedish

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Through the many years of my practice, I have been asked countless times, “What is the difference between shiatsu and traditional massage?” First of all, there are a lot of similarities between the two. Both systems are wonderful ways of relieving stress and promoting health. Both systems focus on the individual body of the person being treated.

Western massage is based on the idea that muscle tension and improper alignment may cause or worsen physical, mental or internal imbalances. Massage techniques attempt to reduce tension within the body to facilitate the free flow of blood and energy. This in turn makes the major systems of the body (immune, circulatory, nervous, etc.) naturally heal disease and promote well-being.

In Shiatsu, there are 838 basic shiatsu pressure points, located on the muscles, nerves, blood vessels, lymph vessels, bones and endocrine glands. Depending on the condition of the body, the therapist applies appropriate amounts of pressure. The tighter the muscles are, the lighter the pressure. As the muscles relax, the pressure becomes deeper but is always firm and steady.

The magic of shiatsu lies in the control of the pressure points. Shiatsu regulates the nervous system and promotes natural healing by stimulating chemical responses in the body. Despite their differences, the aim of both systems is the same: a balanced, healthy and happy individual.

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